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CNC Machining Service MA

A leader for CNC Machining

Dalton Manufacturing offers advanced CNC machining and metalworking for a variety of industries across New England. Over our 85+ years of operation, we've developed an expertise in 4th axis machining of milled and turned parts. Customers turn to us when they need the capabilities of a fully stocked machine shop to produce high quality parts with tight tolerances.

Supply Chain Partner

A dependable part of your supply chain

Dalton's Kanban and Just In Time systems work to take the headache and expense out of product inventory. These systems put an emphasis on efficiency, higher quality and constant improvement in the manufacturing process. We're able to cater to your production schedule and provide more efficient allocation of capital for your company.

A Flexible Manufacturing Partner

Need help producing an important part or component? Dalton is ready to serve in any capacity that your business needs. How can we help your company thrive?

Add CNC Capbilities

Add new machining capabilities to your business

Missing key pieces of CNC machinery that allow you to manufacture a part in-house? Dalton has the equipment and capabilities to produce anything that you might need for your project.

Avoid Equipment & Staffing Costs

Avoid cyclical hiring, training and payroll costs

Trouble keeping up with the cyclical nature of production? Rather than competing for employees and juggling payroll throughout the year, Dalton can help to smooth out the ups and downs.

Streamline Your Manufacturer

Focus your time and money on the things you do best

We live to solve the complex manufacturing issues that our customers experience. Let us focus on the tricky parts while your business zeros in on its core competencies.

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